Advertise with us Your business can benefit greatly with Non-Stop 80s. Have you ever considered running an advertisement on radio but thought the costs would be too great? Well fear not. Here at West Yorkshire Radio we have advertising packages to suit your budget. Contact our advertising team by clicking on the button below, and just to encourage you to contact us, we’re not going to hide our pricing packages and get you to contact us and then shock you with over-inflated fees. Below is our pricing structure for on-air advertising. Ad-plan 1 Ad-plan 2 Ad-plan 3 Ad-plan 4 Weekly Price Broadcasts per hour Advert Length Weekly Airtime Days of Air Play £20 £25 £30 £35 1 2 3 4 30 to 60 secs 30 to 60 secs 30 to 60 secs 30 to 60 secs On Air 168 times On Air 336 times On Air 504 times On Air 672 times 7 7 7 7 We do also offer other options too. i.e. you tell us how many times your ad needs to be played, and at what times, you will be charged per-play of your advertisement. Payment is required before air-play. As well as your on-air advertisement, we’ll also add your business logo and advert on our website too!