Dr. Love's "Chicken in a Basket" Surgery has been operating since 1982. Dr. Love was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire many moons ago. He was found in the back of a transit van, wrapped in a furry hooded parker coat by a travelling knife sharpener. The knife sharpener then sold Dr. Love to a troupe of dancing girls who worked in a bar in Leeds City Centre. Dr. Love was nurtured and loved by the girls, and he was used as a prop on stage in their performances. He soon got a taste for the smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint and picked up a microphone and learned his trade. December 1982 saw Dr. Love on stage entertaining a sell out crowd of 20 local CB radio enthusiasts in a working mens club. Many miles were travelled, and many stages were trodden by this tall, handsome guy with his loud sound system and even louder shirts! Success soon followed when Dr. Love acquired his own radio show and took to the airwaves with his radio show "Dr. Love's "chicken in a Basket" breakfast show. Tired of being trapped in a studio, Dr Love once again took to the road. His travels took him across the waters to Majorca where he entertained the holidaymakers in bars in Cala d'Or. Thousands enjoyed his magical prescription of great music, humour, costume changes and quizzes. Dr. Love returned to British shores due to horrific incidents which took place in Majorca (he was constantly being mobbed by crowds of girls night after night, and his sex appeal and fame became just too much to cope with). He is now available for hire to entertain your guests at your party. With 30+ years experience, excellent sound system, flashing coloured lights, costume changes, humour, quizzes, karaoke and louder shirts than his sound system, then look no further than Dr. Love's "Chicken in a Basket" Mobile Discotheque. For our sins, Dr. Love now presents his madcap show on Non-Stop 80s. Join him weekdays from 4pm til 6pm. to add Dr. Love on Facebook! Click on the logo