The Silverfox moved to the UK in 2010 from his homeland of Lithuania. He gained entry to the UK in the back of an articulated lorry from Calais, and he got his first job working at “Julian’s fish & chip shop” in Heckmondwike. He became proficient in his work and was awarded ‘chief potato peeler’ by August 2011. Julian (chip shop owner) always had Non-Stop 80s playing in the shop. This is where The Silverfox heard about us. He contacted us in March 2014 and asked if he could present a show on air. We took publicity photo’s of him when he came to visit us, the outft he wore for his interview can be seen below! We gave him his very own show on Non-Stop 80s, and from day one he wore the little spandex number (he still wears it everytime he’s on air!) to add Silverfox on Facebook! Click on the logo